Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fonts that are used way too much!

If you are a designer, married to one or around one most likely you have heard them comment on different fonts from time to time, you may have even jumped on the bandwagon and have your favorite or not so favorite font. I have two fonts in particular that make my skin crawl in most instances, these being Copperplate and Papyrus.

Now your wondering what my peeve is with Copperplate is, it's a classic right? Yes it is but it has been over used so many times it is unbelievable how much it shows up on everything. Just because you use Copperplate does not mean that you are "classy" when using it on invitations. I know that you probably just picked it because it was a system font but come on it's just plain annoying.The next font I would like to address is again a system font and that is Papyrus, this is overly used in designs for yoga, natural things, and of course wedding invites. Most recently and a bit out of place I saw it in a game informer magazine. There are a lot of fonts out there that you can use to make your identity look earthy or natural please look for them.
I would love to know if you agree or don't agree or if perhaps you have a set of fonts that drive you banana.

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