Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Rays and People Graphic that is EVERYWHERE

There is one graphic that is getting a lot of use and is everywhere! I have seen it on trade show booths, then I was back in Minnesota and had to go to Taco Johns and get me some potato ole's and there it was in green and yellow on the window cling.

The rays are appearing everywhere from tv where bam uses it in his intro background to clothing. Frenches buffalo wing sauce has the rays on their packaging and have seen other hints in the grocery store aisle.

The people with the rays is really getting on my nerves there is one on a billboard on my way home and a ticketmaster banner at the mall. They are freakin everywhere.

But I am so twisted that I would love to see other examples to see how people work with them differently.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Update just In

So you know those cd's that the groom and groomsmen stayed up burning til the wee hours of the morning I was ranting about earlier this week. Well, here is the update, first of all the staff took all the cd's off the table before any of the guests had a chance to grab one. Well, one of the guests did and they called to give me this update. First off we were all very curious as to what was on this damn cd with a picture that didn't resemble the bride and groom burned on the top. Apparently my friend popped it into his cd player in the car as he couldn't compose his excitement to hear what was on this cd and he got an error. He though oh maybe it just won't play in this cd player so he tried several other cd players including his computer and to no avail it wouldn't play. All I have to say is Bridezilla's SUCK!

Old School Print Shops Get with the times

So today a print vendor came to see me and "show" me some samples. Yes you read that right show me samples not give me sample. He literally pulled out a portfolio and flipped through it and proceeded to list off his client list. Do I really care who he prints for, the answer is no. I want to know about how quickly you can turn around a quote, pricing, quality, turnaround and of course perfectionism. In this day in age you need to just get it done and keep your client in the loop.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Webinars Are Bad

We just spent a small fortune to switch over our software at work and the major selling point was the teaching sessions we would receive. Ha is all I have to say I think that our money is going towards their "teaching" staffs education while trying to teach us. Now we are a small ad agency I will give them that but we still deserve a good teacher. I have been to 3 sessions have learned absolutely nothing. In fact, I think I have taught our teacher a thing or two and I hadn't even opened the program until our 3rd session.

Nothing is more irritating then having to wait for our webinar teaching sessions to begin and to have it go over and make me stay late at work with an hour drive ahead of me. On average we start 10 minutes late and go over at least 20 minutes and haven't even learned anything. Today we spent 20 minutes filling out a spec sheet, ummmm not really that hard you just type shit in. The teacher doesn't address our questions or if she does she says we will get to that in a later session. We were supposed to start using our new software next Wednesday but we haven't even skimmed the surface of what they pitched to us as selling points.

This teacher is really lucky that we are so easy going and don't go off because any other agency would be throwin' down the smack. When teaching marketing and advertising people you need to realize that we are not stupid, and that we are used to having to blow through things at extreme speeds, this is our business. And one more thing it is really annoying to have you mute us and forget to unmute over and over again because you haven't drank enough water and your voice is out of wack. PS the word um 30 times in 5 minutes (yes I counted, I was bored) does not constitute as teaching.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Micro Managed Weddings what is up with that.

I spent last weekend accompanying my husband who was a groomsmen to a wedding of our friend. The bride was beyond a bridezilla and hadn't made any effort to be ready for her big day. She instructed us all that we had to go to bed at 9pm the night before her wedding which was at 6pm the following evening but proceeded to make the groom burn 100 discs which took him to 7am the morning of their wedding. There were maybe 70 guests and all the cd's were left on the tables. If this wasn't bad enough the women incharge of the place were they married was a micro managing bitch. The best was she made us blow bubble for a good half hour while the couple danced in the gazibo then instructed us (not very friendly) to line up and blow more bubbles as the couple walked down the aisle. Seriously, it was bad and as a bride of the past I wouldn't want to be hearing "keep blowing" over and over again while I am trying to enjoy my last dance. I could go on but I think that you have heard enough.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Advertising going positive

Advertisements have take a turn for the better by creating more positive campaigns in this down economy which is a delight. Now if only the News would follow, every time I watch the News I always seem to get a bit more down or a bit more confused as to where society is going. Seriously, are people that screwed up, yes I know there is more crime in time of economic downturn but they could at least add something warm and fuzzy occasionally.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is work appropriate attire for business meetings?

I am just wondering if anyone has noticed that people just don't dress appropriately for work anymore unless there is a dress code? The 2 things that annoy me the most are stiletto heels, yes we know that you are short but you can find high heeled shoes that aren't patten leather and aren't a stiletto, I just don't get it. The other peeve is low cut shirts, yes we know you have huge boobs but we don't want to see them or perhaps we would if you would at least strap those suckers down and wear a bra that has a bit more support.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fonts that are used way too much!

If you are a designer, married to one or around one most likely you have heard them comment on different fonts from time to time, you may have even jumped on the bandwagon and have your favorite or not so favorite font. I have two fonts in particular that make my skin crawl in most instances, these being Copperplate and Papyrus.

Now your wondering what my peeve is with Copperplate is, it's a classic right? Yes it is but it has been over used so many times it is unbelievable how much it shows up on everything. Just because you use Copperplate does not mean that you are "classy" when using it on invitations. I know that you probably just picked it because it was a system font but come on it's just plain annoying.The next font I would like to address is again a system font and that is Papyrus, this is overly used in designs for yoga, natural things, and of course wedding invites. Most recently and a bit out of place I saw it in a game informer magazine. There are a lot of fonts out there that you can use to make your identity look earthy or natural please look for them.
I would love to know if you agree or don't agree or if perhaps you have a set of fonts that drive you banana.