Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Webinars Are Bad

We just spent a small fortune to switch over our software at work and the major selling point was the teaching sessions we would receive. Ha is all I have to say I think that our money is going towards their "teaching" staffs education while trying to teach us. Now we are a small ad agency I will give them that but we still deserve a good teacher. I have been to 3 sessions have learned absolutely nothing. In fact, I think I have taught our teacher a thing or two and I hadn't even opened the program until our 3rd session.

Nothing is more irritating then having to wait for our webinar teaching sessions to begin and to have it go over and make me stay late at work with an hour drive ahead of me. On average we start 10 minutes late and go over at least 20 minutes and haven't even learned anything. Today we spent 20 minutes filling out a spec sheet, ummmm not really that hard you just type shit in. The teacher doesn't address our questions or if she does she says we will get to that in a later session. We were supposed to start using our new software next Wednesday but we haven't even skimmed the surface of what they pitched to us as selling points.

This teacher is really lucky that we are so easy going and don't go off because any other agency would be throwin' down the smack. When teaching marketing and advertising people you need to realize that we are not stupid, and that we are used to having to blow through things at extreme speeds, this is our business. And one more thing it is really annoying to have you mute us and forget to unmute over and over again because you haven't drank enough water and your voice is out of wack. PS the word um 30 times in 5 minutes (yes I counted, I was bored) does not constitute as teaching.

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