Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Micro Managed Weddings what is up with that.

I spent last weekend accompanying my husband who was a groomsmen to a wedding of our friend. The bride was beyond a bridezilla and hadn't made any effort to be ready for her big day. She instructed us all that we had to go to bed at 9pm the night before her wedding which was at 6pm the following evening but proceeded to make the groom burn 100 discs which took him to 7am the morning of their wedding. There were maybe 70 guests and all the cd's were left on the tables. If this wasn't bad enough the women incharge of the place were they married was a micro managing bitch. The best was she made us blow bubble for a good half hour while the couple danced in the gazibo then instructed us (not very friendly) to line up and blow more bubbles as the couple walked down the aisle. Seriously, it was bad and as a bride of the past I wouldn't want to be hearing "keep blowing" over and over again while I am trying to enjoy my last dance. I could go on but I think that you have heard enough.

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