Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exploring the History of our House

Last spring we were asked if we would like to participate in the historical house tour in our town by opening our house to the public and providing them with some historical information on our house. As we started researching we found that Grant Wheat inventor of the first rechargeable headlamp for miners was the original owner of our house established 1920. Yesterday at Boarders my husband saw this book In the book it said that Grant Wheat was buried in Maplewood cemetary
We were lucky enough to find the Wheat family plot

In this post I used picnik editor through picasa and I am not sure I am happy with the results, I think that they shrink the image too much, however there is a premium upgrade for $2.08 a month but I don't think that will speed it up much, I found it way slower than photoshop and I wasn't even doing a complicated edit. Let me know if any of you have used it and have any tidbits for me.

****update**** I re-uploaded and tried again the pix look better now

Sunday, January 2, 2011

totally nerdy puzzle girl

So I am totally nerdy about logic puzzles and the like. I go back and forth between cross sums now kakuru and cryptograms but really I can't get enough of either. I find that it wakes the brain up in the morning and is a good brainstorming activity, it is like how some people doodle when letting the mind wonder.

Here is an encrypting cipher machine used in world war II

I am so fascinated by algorithms associated with so many things in nature as well. This is an interesting site where Bruce Schneider explores and documents his findings here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

stella is the cheesiest

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Why people opt out of facebook?

things people say can be taken completely out of context as there isn't any body language to read and some people are really sensitive or take things the wrong way, there just aren't enough emoticons

if you put something in your status that can get a rise out of people don't get pissed when they comment

some people share their souls, somethings are meant to be kept to yourself, some use it to be validated but what people are validating can be a lie and feeds the problem without even knowing it

somethings are supposed to be shared with loved ones and close friends where a conversation can be carried on, congrats can be given and making it special for those around you, when posting I always thought is this something I should tell people about in person? For instance I found myself pregnant and decided before I started posting things like i am tired, my back hurts, etc all those things that people can put two and two together, I would notify good friends and family first, to give them a heads up and to make them part of a special time in my life.

some post inappropriate photos, ie. partially naked photos, and underage drinking pictures, why oh why do people do this?

the whole getting unfriended business is a load of crap too, it is like putting an end to a relationship in public without having to give an explanation to the person you are unfriending, it is very passive aggressive and hurtful

using facebook to make remarks that are implied to some but vague to others is negative and not so nice, if you have a problem with someone maybe you should talk to them about it instead of facebooking it

It spins out of control like a rumor mill.

these are some of the things I have experienced and has ruined my experience with facebook, what is so unfortunate is that I couldn't just unfriend those people and block them as I see them frequently or am related to them and I didn't want to not be friends with them in real person, I just didn't want to be a part of the facebook drama that has popped up from time to time.

then there is the whole privacy issues, the stalking, the bullying, the public posting of others private life. Why any parent would ever let any child under the age of 16 join facebook is beyond me. I think parents and teachers need to start teaching the kids discretion and respect while using this social network.

Here are a few links that pretty much sum it up...

10 reason why you should destroy your facebook account

Funny but true video about relationships

Facebook bullying

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Artwork the Gift worth Giving and Getting

Every year our loved ones ask us what we want for xmas and every year I want less and less or things with more meaning then monetary. I think the season is about giving to those who are less fortunate. I think it is ridiculous to give a gift just to give a gift. That's why this year I decided I wanted a painting done by a childhood friend who is a true inspiration. Give art this year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

creativity in all forms

Every day i try to be creative, this past weekend i moved around the pictures in the living room.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

the quilting has begun!

Yesterday i washed all the fabric squares to begin my first quilt ever. I am excited to work on this project and am going to consider this my learning quilt, trying out ideas and seeing what does and doesnt work. I have a bunch of small squares cut have checked out the stiches and have found one that will do the trick. Off i go to!
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

curtains are complete!

The entranceway curtain project is complete. I am hoping that these curtains will save us some money and heat by closing off the front door. I still have a bunch of necklaces to post so that should be coming early this week. Have a great weekend!
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