Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exploring the History of our House

Last spring we were asked if we would like to participate in the historical house tour in our town by opening our house to the public and providing them with some historical information on our house. As we started researching we found that Grant Wheat inventor of the first rechargeable headlamp for miners was the original owner of our house established 1920. Yesterday at Boarders my husband saw this book In the book it said that Grant Wheat was buried in Maplewood cemetary
We were lucky enough to find the Wheat family plot

In this post I used picnik editor through picasa and I am not sure I am happy with the results, I think that they shrink the image too much, however there is a premium upgrade for $2.08 a month but I don't think that will speed it up much, I found it way slower than photoshop and I wasn't even doing a complicated edit. Let me know if any of you have used it and have any tidbits for me.

****update**** I re-uploaded and tried again the pix look better now

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