Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Update just In

So you know those cd's that the groom and groomsmen stayed up burning til the wee hours of the morning I was ranting about earlier this week. Well, here is the update, first of all the staff took all the cd's off the table before any of the guests had a chance to grab one. Well, one of the guests did and they called to give me this update. First off we were all very curious as to what was on this damn cd with a picture that didn't resemble the bride and groom burned on the top. Apparently my friend popped it into his cd player in the car as he couldn't compose his excitement to hear what was on this cd and he got an error. He though oh maybe it just won't play in this cd player so he tried several other cd players including his computer and to no avail it wouldn't play. All I have to say is Bridezilla's SUCK!

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