Friday, April 24, 2009

FSC-Info on Papers I like

When I first started hearing about FSC certified paper there wasn't much of a choice for paper, it was nearly impossible to find a coated sheet that was FSC but now there is choice. Yesterday it was announced that Domtar have 4 additional paper mills that have received the FSC Certification. See article here. Since this is one of the largest manufacturers of paper in the US it is nice to see them taking the initiative more then 10 years ago and it has recognized them as leaders in sustainable growth. In fact they have earned the support of WWF-Canada and Rainforest Alliance.

This isn't the only paper company that is taking steps environmentally, almost all the other paper companies have been striving to be better in harmony with the earth in some way or another. For instance Mohawk joined the EPA's Climate Leaders program in 2007, they partnered up to develop greenhouse gas emission goals which offer customers a product that is carbon neutral throughout the paper making process. They were among one of the first to make paper from post consumer recycled fiber which has allowed them to provide customers with more choice in recycled papers and have found ways to make the paper brighter and whiter without the use of chlorine (a hazardous byproduct). Among the first paper mills to be FSC certified in 2002 and have operated using windpower since 2003 Mohawk is the leader in environmental friendly paper mills.

For coated papers we need to look at Sappi and Utopia. Both have various FSC certified coated papers which range from 10%-30% post consumer waste. Sappi belongs to American Forests and Paper Association, Confederation of European Paper Industries and Paper Manufacturers Association of South African making sure that are involved in industry associations within each major region they operate in. Utopia has a whole line dedicated to FSC-certified coated papers that have varying degrees of post consumer waste.

has created A Field Guide: Eco-Friendly, Efficient and Effective Print that I think everyone who is buying print should have on their desk for reference. This handbook is to help us design eco friendly and has the definitions of anything you can imagine regarding the environment issues around printing. It covers such subjects as the chemicals used in the paper process to the inks and what is the best layout to produce the least amount of waste. This is a must have-download it here.

There are more paper companies not mentioned here that have working towards the same goals of keeping the environment sustainable.

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