Thursday, May 21, 2009

FSC Certified Furniture

You have heard me talk a lot about FSC certification in the printing and paper industries, today I am going to share some great links for FSC certified furniture. It is really nice to see that companies are starting to make FSC certified furniture available and not just you eco friendly stores either. Target and Crate and Barrel are amongst the popular stores to have added assorted accessories and furniture to their lines. Eco-terrific has some amazing designs and are more than just FSC certified they use all organic products such as wool and other environmental things to provide you with an eco-friendly way of designing in the home. Naturally Durable has a great line of outdoor furniture, so if you are interested in helping out the environment there are more ways then just usining cloth bags for grocery shopping.

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Abigale said...

I recently redecorate my home with beautiful and stylish new furniture which got from Target last month!!