Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy times around a Holiday!

I was fortunate enough to spend time at my parents lake house up in northern minnesota, it was sweet I got to take my first propeller plane ride and I didn't freak out. While I was there I spent some time reminiscing in nisswa since there are plenty of things that are still there from my childhood for instance the totem pole in town, the 10 cent horse that I rode as a child is still there and still only costs 10 cents.
We got to see a bunch of friends and family all while relaxing on the lake or around the campfire. There was a bunch of drinking and eating, we went to a meat raffle (explanation: they cover the pool table at a local bar and they display packaged meat and you buy tickets and hopefully get to take a pick of the meats), my husband won a pork tenderloin so we could that up for the whole family and of course his bbq sauce was too spicy for the midwest tongue.

We even did a bit of work, 5 of us helped my father cut down 4 trees that had died over the winter. He was so happy because he would cut down a tree and by the time he was finished making it into firewood we had it packed up on the trailer. I definitely had a lumber jack moment and thought of the tale of Paul Bunyan being back in my homeland of minnesota was amazing.

Before the holiday I was planning and labeling for a yard sale. I got rid of some things but not all of the stuff. So since we have gotten back I have been bagging everything up for the vets to come and pick up on wednesday, donated the books to the library and have put some electronics up on craigs list if you are interested just email me. We have also been doing alot of cooking and eating and relaxing and will be doing more of that the end of this week.

I have been working on more of my art dishes, made one for my mom and one for my sister. I did a vase for my mom that was yellows and greens and it was great she had white and yellow flowers so it matched perfectly. I will be working on more this week, I have some new technique I want to try out.


UPrinting said...

The meat raffle thing sounds fun! :D Did you won anything aside from what your husband won?
It really is nice to reminisce about childhood. Sometimes I even get to a point of tearing-up whenever I remember my (lost) childhood. :(

used cars sioux city said...

I love Minnesota; it's so beautiful. I'm glad you had a fun time.

online poker said...

based on your article i guess you really enjoyed spending some time with your family.. anyway i enjoyed reading your post.. thanks for sharing!

stockexplosion said...

I also love reading your post, Jessica. Really inspirational and full of life. Time when I remember my childhood it still brings a smile on my face. How time really flies, right?

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