Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Philly for a week!

The first week of August I had the luxury of going to Philly with my husband as he had business there for the week. He worked long hours as I strolled all over Philly. We stayed near Love Park where I spent many hours reading the in the hot hot sun. The restaurants were fabulous and very well priced compared to Boston. I had been to Philly and had the 10 cent tour from my in laws as they grew up there.

The one afternoon that my husband had off we spent walking around, eating and visiting the penitentiary. This place was amazing and also had a local artist who did a cat installation throughout the prison. To wrap up our trip we went to go visit his grandfather who is doing remarkably well for his age and still remembers Latin where he learned as an alter boy in the catholic church.

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rana said...
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Bert | said...

The place was so nice to visit, spent weekends, walking around, eating and visiting. It seem the park also is a great place to relax a little bit as well as the church.