Monday, September 14, 2009

Delaware and Domestic Diva

While I was in Philly the first week of August I thought, I have never been to Delaware, I am going to go check it out. I visited an old mansion with the most beautiful garden, so picturesque there was a women who had set up an eisel and was painting on a perfect hot summers day! While I was looking at all the great places to visit in Delaware I realized something I had not known, it was settled mostly by the Dutch, the English and Swedes. In fact the first American Swedish Lutheran church resides here, in a run down neighborhood not many swedes in the neighborhood now.

I then headed down to Newcastle which is a really quaint seaport filled with history! Below is the Amstel House which resides on an old brick road surrounded by some of the neatest old houses I have ever seen.

On a domestic diva note, the garden has been baring fruit so there has been a lot of new recipes being had, using all the ingredients that we seem to have an abundant amount of. This weekend we emptied out the hot water heater to prepare for the winter that is soon upon us and have had the luxury of using my friends breadmaker to crank out some fabulous breads! Can't wait to get the house decorated for Halloween, the best holiday ever!


Louise | Brochure Printing said...

Those houses look amazing. The vintage feel really works, especially with all the trees and plants around.

The fountain and the flowers in the water (lilies?) are so pretty. :)

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Above all the nature snap is looking very beautiful..I never seen all those snap in anywhere.Now i going to download all that.

Precious said...

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Tom said...

Great and so beautiful garden and naturely. The house is amazing and looks older and massive:!!!!

Kris said...

Nature is incredble, have it so peace in houses and garden:)