Monday, March 15, 2010

How to...Get out of a winter time funk

Winter has taken a toll on us as usual, but the first signs of spring are starting to peek through! This is the time of year I hear everyone doing a bit of cleaning whether it is the house, body, mind or spirit, sometimes all! Winter has always effected my mood and as the years go by it seems to be getting better but I had to do the work to get here. I feel that if you keep your mind and body in good working order everything just goes as it should. The last few weeks in between winter and spring were a bear for me to cross and it got me thinking about ways to get out of the winter time funk!

Now I know that you hear it all the time but here I go, you need to eat right. Now I am not talking about the South Beach diet or any other name brand diet there is out there. But how you as an individual should eat, you know certain foods make your body feel crappy well those foods can also make you mind not work as well. It is weird because it seems everyone is on a "diet" but it is usually for weight not for their mind or to feel good. However, if you are on the right "diet" and you stick to it you realize you do feel better. Having talked to a nutritionist it is interesting to use the vitamins and herbs they recommend because they really do make you feel better. I recently found out my blood type and was excited to use this new information to read the book Cook Right For Your Type and interestingly I found out why I have the cravings I do and that is because I am supposed to eat those foods. The thing that is interesting is the nutritionist as well as the book have the same common thread stomach acids! Stomach acids are a very important factor in how our body feels and it is weird because when you have the right stomach acids you feel way better then you thought you could. So this week I am going to be trying the diet that is recommend for type A's and that is very little meat and tons of fruits and vegetables, beans but not the beans I have been eating.

Another thing that helps me get out of the funk of procrastinating, is make a list whether it be on paper, your phone, computer, or just in your head, make a list! I will start procrastinating when I have too much going on, for instance spiffing up the house I know that it is going to take a while to do and it isn't going to happen over night but of course I am anxious for it to be done! But if I just make a list and decide how many things to check off a day and stick to it I will eventually be done with it. This also works well with job hunting, do you daily appointed things and then forget about it!

The other thing that Cook Right For Your Type mentioned was that certain exercises are beneficial for each blood type. My blood type likes meditation, yoga, and brisk walking, which makes me happy because I hate running, jogging anything faster than a fast walk I just don't see the point. I have been in sports where you run and I've always hurt even when I was a kid I would get a side ache, but I do understand why people love it, my body just doesn't like it. Exercise is also a nice time to think about nothing other than just doing your exercise. So when you don't want to exercise just remember it will be rewarded with the ability to turn off your thoughts.

The last thing to help you out of a funk is read your horoscope! It's always interesting and also worth a different perspective to view your thoughts from.

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