Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Creative Process for Curtains

The more I work on projects the more I realize it is important to have a creative process to make sure that you aren't missing anything. I have been thinking about the design for our bedroom curtains and it is finally the day that I have put aside to bust these out.

I decided to make some sketches and take some notes to make sure that I was approaching this the right way. I also need to make sure that I have all the necessary supplies. When I got to thinking I realized that I couldn't make a tie back out of the material that the curtains are going to be made from, as it is very thick and wouldn't serve the look I was going for. Instead I am going to get a really thick bright ribbon that I am going to sew to the back, so it's always attached and can't get lost.

My other challenge was will this look funny if it doesn't go to the floor? so I decided to sketch it out and then of course made a phone call to my sister to see if she thought it would look ridiculous or not. She said, "no, it will look just fine."

Off to the fabric store to get some sturdy thread and a big old ribbon. The real question is will I get it all done today or will I have to wait til tomorrow to see the results?

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