Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going Paperless and Digitizing Documents that Take up Space

I have decided I needed a side project along side my bedroom artwork project, so I decided I will get organized. I will use my new Neat Receipts for Mac by Neat Co. to scan all our documents and make them easy to search through and eventually export to our gmail account so we can view the database from anywhere!

I spent 6 hours yesterday scanning and getting to know how I want to use this software! But once I got on a roll there was no stopping me! I got all our taxes and related items from 2007 to 2009 imputed and organized. The software is easy to use and it appears from online comments that they have made updates to fix issues.

I had no clue anyone else was as interested in this until my post on facebook yesterday which triggered my post today...

mrs. onion: Just got a neat receipt scanner for mac and am loving it! Think I am going to sit on the deck all day and scan our precious documents, gotta love going digital. After everything is in and organized we can upload it to google docs so when we are at work we can still search and view our documents that there is no way we would find even if we were at home!
caller number 1: Is it just for receipts? One of the best purchases I made recently was a business card scanner. I got rid of about 300-400 cards lying around my office in a matter of hours.
mrs. onion: No it recognizes business cards, and anything smaller than 8.5 width or smaller! It is super rad! I made a folder called taxes and I scanned all our forms, w2s and the h&r blocks business card! So u have 3 categories contact, receipt and document, you can choose what field u want and don't want. It is searchable and color coded to the type of category!
caller number 1: Interesting. BTW, do you really get that many paper receipts? Seems like most billing companies are going paperless these days.
mrs. onion: I am using it mostly for our house documents, taxes, car title that sort of thing, stuff that if the house burned down we may need! Most if not all our billing is done paperless and automatically paid out which is super nice! I think we write 4 checks a year and that is to the water company!
caller number 2: I still haven't figured out how this darn thing downloads to Quicken without having to save a file as an intermediate step. If you figure that one out, please let me know. Otherwise I pretty much agree with you.
mrs. onion: it pretty much scans the document and allows you to pull info from it to populate fields that then can be exported out various ways

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