Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Additions to the Garden

A new Lowes opened near our house recently so we went to explore...right now is the time to pick up annuals for you garden because they are great prices and you will still have a while to enjoy them until it frosts. I wanted to link back to Lowes so I went to their website and put in the name of the flower Mandeville and to my surprise they give you all the necessary info for taking care of your plant so go check it out. This is a great database for new gardeners to learn the basics and to have a photo to compare. For me that has been the hardest part is identifying what should be in the garden and what shouldn't be, ie. weeds. As good as a job the previous homeowner did in planting it, I had no clue what to do, so I have been gardening trial and error but think I am getting a grasp for it. Adding my own annuals have helped add color and also a name to search for. With the Lowes gardening website it will be easier to bookmark and catalog the plants that I have so when next spring comes around it will be easier to know what to do.

Of course no garden is complete without butterfly's so I got this bush. I have several other butterfly flowers in the garden that have long lasting bright flowers. Every year I notice more humming birds fluttering around the backyard.

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