Monday, August 16, 2010

Project Artwork for Bedroom!

I have had different ideas of big projects I was going to do regarding artwork for some area of our house. The ideas have melded over the years and I finally think that I can put some of this together for the artwork that will fill our room. I have always been a big fan of positive negative and to completely different things coexisting within the same space. I am taking a bunch from nature but all bringing in the elements of the city. Using different textures to accomplish this will be the fun part!
I got some shims and some half sheet plywood that I am cutting down for frames and bases for some of the work that I am putting together.

When I got the plywood I also perused through the aisle to see what other random things I could find and get inspired by. Here is a collection of the things I will be using.
My curiosity lays into when this will be done! So far it is going rather smoothly and I am hoping to continue this pace!

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