Monday, April 20, 2009

More FSC information

Be careful when choosing the FSC logo to go with there projects because there are guidelines here as well.

FSC 100% Label- states that this product, or paper in this case comes from forests that are certified as being compliant with the environmental and social stands of the FSC.

FSC Mixed Sources Label- this label states that it supports the development of responsible forest management worldwide and that the wood comes from well managed forests, company controlled sources and/or recycled material. When adding the recycled symbol this identifies the product as being a post-consumer recycled paper.

FSC Recycled label- this states that the products support re-use of forest resources and in accordance with FSC standards only use post-consumer recycled wood or fiber.

Make sure that when you are designing an FSC piece that you pick the right logo, there is a logo guideline available on their website for downloading. However, printers usually have their own logo with a specific code that acts as their own special code used in the approval process before printing.

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