Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How do 2 People Have SO MUCH Stuff?

I have been spending most of my time recently on house inventory! Which consists of tearing it all down just to build it up again! Furniture has been moved up and down, rubbermaids have been packed and brought to the attic, paint has been rolled! The cats have now decided there is a really loud pet in the house and don't take so long to come out from hiding after I turn off the vacuum. Of course there is some fun in this process, I get to decorate and move everything around and buy random things for house appeal!

Next weekend I get a bit of help from my parents, my father and husband will be replacing a few boards and paint the front porch! That means I need to choose the color of paint! My mother and I will be sanding window sills, especially the ones that have had an air condition unit used in it for years and years and then staining!

I hoping that the rain stays away for awhile so I can get the rest of the leaves cleaned up in the yard! We will be having some great growth in the weeks to come! Pictures to come in a week and a half or so...

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