Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daily Dose of Inspiration...Outdoor Animals and the People that Own Them!

We are going on our 4th year of living in this house, with neighbors very close! For instance the side of our neighbors garage is part of our fence, so we get to sit and stare at their paint chipping, shingle spewing garage. I have gone over every spring since we have lived here to let them know it is getting worse and starting to rot and within a month my rose bush (that somewhat covers the side of the garage) will be in full bloom and a force to reckon with. They have said every year they were going to take care of it and every year they don't. I am being super stubborn about this but realize that I am the only person to get the job done!

Back to the title of this post, they also have a cat, who is pretty young and they just let him roam around, he doesn't know the law of the land, like their last cat. So this little stinker keeps jumping up on the fence when my cats are having a peaceful time outside in their fenced in area! Also, I have my suspicions that the cat hasn't been fixed, it has been spraying the bushes in the front yard! Yes, most disgusting I was out trimming the foliage and it reeked of cat pee!

So there are a few things wrong with this picture, for instance YOUR FREE ROAMING cat isn't FIXED! There are a lot of random cats in the neighborhood but most of them wear collars and are rather docile and not very street smart and FIXED. But there are a handful of alley cats that don't need to have anymore baby's! My second point is my yard smells like cat piss! Lastly, this backyard is MY kitties playground, not yours!

Furthermore, if you have dogs and live in our neighborhood, you need to walk them!!! We have tiny yards, yeah you over there with the flying shingles you have 4 dogs and in a postage stamp sized yard!

I could carry on for a bit longer but I will spare you the pain!

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