Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eating Right-How to make Carrot Juice

Today I am on my 9th day of my 21 day cleanse and it is going surprisingly well! My doctor said I could have meat 3 days ago but I haven't had a chance to pick up anything fresh and grass-fed. Yes I said grass-fed, I learned about this type of meat 10 years ago while working at a restaurant in denver, co and really noticed that it made for a much better burger (and way more nutritious). While all of this type of beef and free range chickens are widely available in some places, it isn't in others! I love minnesota for the fact that there are so many co-ops in and around the city. Here in mass not so much, so we have done some research and it looks like you can set up delivery from farmers to have different cuts of meat come to us! Still have some more stuff to look into but will probably post some of the more helpful websites I find in this endeavor.

I decided to make fresh carrot juice because I am so sick of carrots and I had a bunch left. Basically what I did is I took the carrots and chopped them in the blender.
then you add hot water to get the good stuff separated from the not so good stuff, leave stand for about 15-20 minutes.
Then strain the chunks of carrot out, at this point you would normally add a few oranges but I had a bunch so I added a bunch.
Pour it into the jars and throw them in the fridge. Shake before using as it does separate a bit.

This is one of my amazing smoothies that I added the juice to. If you can name 6 of the 12 ingredients you will win a $15 itunes certificate, just post your answer in the comments and don't forget your email address. Only 1 winner!

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